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ResMed Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear


Great sleep without compromise with the Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask With Headgear. The simplistic design and silicone frame lightly rests on your cheeks, giving you the feeling that nothing is there. Known to encourage early CPAP therapy acceptance, the lightweight and easy-to-adjust Swift FX CPAP Mask gives you a secure seal and the freedom to sleep in your favorite position.

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  • Maintains a Consistent Seal Even at High Therapy Pressures

  • Minimal Design Creates Ergonomic Comfort

  • Easy to Find Your Right Fit

  • Leading in Innovation for Headgear

  • The Perfect Ultra-Quiet Mask for Light Sleepers

Ideal For

  • Light Sleepers

  • Active Sleepers

  • Side Sleepers

  • Petite and Wide Facial Structures

  • If You Watch T.V. or Read Before Bed

  • If You Are Claustrophobic

  • If You Have Facial Hair

  • If You Are New to CPAP

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