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Today, over 450 military hospitals and clinics world-wide trust Military Medical Supplies to provide the correct product, correct size, and to the correct patient, the very first time.


Our trained staff and technicians use the latest technology to keep you and your patient informed of deliveries, resupply schedules and product enhancements. Rest assured, when you submit a referral to Military Medical Supplies, your patient will be treated just as we would treat one of our family members.


Whenever possible we use an expedited shipping method to get your patient on the road to recovery and back to their day-to-day routine as soon as possible.


Please call, text, fax or email us to check availability of the specific product you need for your patient.


Submit a Tricare referral with Military Medical Supplies as the preferred DME.


Since 2002, Military Medical Supplies has been providing quality products to Active Duty, retired veterans and their families through Tricare Insurance. In 2012, the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, mandated that all insurance companies offer free breast pumps to any family desiring to breastfeed their baby.

 Through our efforts to expand this great service, we are now offering breast pumps to civilian healthcare insurance carriers, starting in Arizona with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of AZ. This program will soon be available to additional insurance carriers as we grow.

One element of service that sets us apart from the competition, is the training our staff receives. You can be confident that a Lactation Specialist is available to answer your breast pump questions and help you select the pump that suits your specific needs.

Call today and talk to one of our trained breast pump consultants at 800-270-6990 or email us at

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