BioStim® M7 TENS Device has seven programmable functions; Continuous, Width Modulation, Rate Modulation, Rate and Width Modulation, SD1, SD2, and Cycled Burst.


The device has a Patient Lock System that, when activated, prevents the patient from changing any of the set parameters. When the Patient Lock Systems is turned off, a Patient Compliance Meter shows how long the device was used.


A timer allows the patient to use the device for a specified period of time. The two-channel device incorporates a touch-proof design and is run by two AA Batteries.


The device comes with lead wires, electrodes (4), batteries, an instruction booklet, and a carrying case.


NMS Muscle Stimulator


Extremely flexible, powerful, comfortable, and user friendly!


Functions like a T.E.N.S. in constant mode to achieve pain relief. The patient or therapist can easily toggle from pain relief settings to a muscle-building program with the push of one button.


Adjustable Constant, Cycled, and Reciprocal open programs.

(Holds custom settings) There are (8) user-friendly pre-set therapy settings to accommodate a wide population range from pediatric applications to professional athletes.


The device holds up to three custom programs, and it is easy for the patient to toggle between them. The custom programs remain set into the device until they are changed or reset.


The Patient Compliance meter starts recording how many hours the device has been used from the first time it is issued to the patient until the dealer or therapist resets the device.


The adjustable pulse width setting enables patients of all tolerance levels to achieve success in their rehab program. The device comes standard with two-color lead wires, electrodes (24), batteries, instruction booklet, carrying case, and wall adapter.


INF Interferential Stimulator


Three pre-programmed sweeps; 1-10 Hz, used for Edema Reduction, 80-150 Hz used for Pain Relief, and 1-150 Hz for total

treatment allows for easy setup and patient instruction.


The Device offers bipolar stimulation using two electrodes where the interferential stimulation is already “mixed” or Full

Interferential stimulation with the use of four electrodes.


The device has a timer for the desired treatment time and comes with a wall adaptor or operates on four AA batteries.

The device comes standard with two-color lead wires, electrodes (24), batteries, instruction booklet, carrying case, and wall adapter.


MMS could provide resupply of electrode patches, lead wires, and batteries every 3 months even if we didn’t provide the unit.

Call 1-800-270-6990 to sign up for Tricare approved supplies.


ePulse® Ultra 1620 Combo


e-Pulse® Ultra 1620 is an advanced Neuro Stimulator device that can be used to help relieve pain anytime, anywhere. It simulates both TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) treatments to stimulate nerve endings and muscles. Ideal for relieving pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder, waist, back, upper, and lower extremities.


All supplies will be scheduled for periodic replenishment as

provided by Tricare.