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HCPC E0730


The BioMed® Revived II combines the Pain Relief of a TENS, the Muscle Rejuvenation of a EMS, and the Relaxation of a Massage in one easy to use device.


  • 9 total TENS modes for PAIN

  • 8 total EMS modes for MUSCLE

  • 5 total Massage programs for Relaxation


HCPC E0745


The BioStim® NMS2 is extremely flexible, powerful, comfortable and user friendly! Functions like a T.E.N.S. in constant mode to achieve pain relief. Its biggest contribution is its muscle contracting stimulation boasting one of the highest pulse widths in its class.

  • 8 user-friendly preset therapy settings

  • Suitable for all ages, from pediatric to athletes

  • Stores up to 3 custom programs


QPrUodAuDctS#T0A0R23® II
HCPC E1399


The QuadStar® II is a portable four channel digital TENS, NMES, and INF and device. The unique device with 3 waveforms, asymmetrical biphasic, symmetric biphasic, pulsed sine and can be programmed to deliver soothing TENS, NMES, INF, or TENS therapies.

  • 9 pre-programmed Fixed Sequences

  • Customize 20 minutes of INF

  • 20 minutes of NMES therapy

  • 20 minutes of TENS therapy

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