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Penile Pump

The rapport classic system consists of a clear plastic vacuum tube, a hand pump with a pressure relief valve, five sizes of penile ring, two sizes of transfer sleeve, and a tube of water-soluble lubricating jelly. All supplied in a discreet carrying case.




Military Medical has access to hundreds of specialty catheters as well as standard Foley catheters.


A pliable catheter with a firm tip eases insertion.


Features large, smooth eyes for maximum comfort and drainage

and symmetrical balloon for added reliability.


Clear silicone color makes it easy for visualization of clots, mucus

and urine flow through the catheter.


Silicone material causes less tissue irritation and encrustation

during extended periods of indwelling use.


The blue radiopaque strip makes the catheter easily visible during



Available with 10 ml or 30 ml balloon in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and

24 Fr sizes; and also available with 1.5 ml or 3 ml balloon in 6, 8

and 10 Fr sizes.

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