Thumb Spica and Wrist Brace

Designed to provide stabilization to the

thumb, first metacarpophalangeal (MCP)

joint, the first carpometacarpal (CMC)

joint, wrist joint, distal radius, and distal

ulna. Useful for all injuries to the thumb,

such as Bennett’s or complex Rolando’s

fractures, suspected or confirmed navicular

(scaphoid) fractures, and for other carpal bone injuries. Also useful for fractures to the distal radius and/or distal ulna, Colles fractures, Salter-Harris pediatric wrist, and forearm injuries. Used for acute injuries as well as for post-op support. Not made with natural rubber latex.

bone 2.png

Bone Growth Stimulators


Some patients who experience bone injuries and spinal fusion surgery have difficulty healing. In many of these cases, there are certain health factors that may have impaired the natural healing process of the bones. To help overcome healing challenges, doctors commonly prescribe a

treatment called bone growth therapy,

otherwise known as bone growth stimulation.


Bone Growth Therapy devices provide a safe, noninvasive treatment that helps promote healing in fractured bones and spinal fusions that have not healed or have difficulty healing. The devices stimulate the bone’s natural healing process by sending low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the injury or fusion site.

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Thermo Active Bracing

ThermoTherapy is the use of cold or heat, enhanced by compression. To provide therapeutic relief, ThermoTherapy must cool soft tissue to a low of 45˚F, or warm it to no more than 105˚F ThermoActive has added ThermoTherapy to orthopedic bracing, for injuries, rehabilitation, or post-operative use. Each brace also includes compression, which encapsulates the soft tissue with uniform pressure for a more efficient treatment. The benefits of cold and heat may differ by application, which

can be broken down as Static Cold, Cold, and Compression; or Continuous Cold.

saunders cervicle.jpg

Saunders Cervical


The Saunders Cervical Traction Device is designed to provide safe and effective traction (stretching) to the cervical region (neck). The device requires no assembly

and comes ready to use.

  • Handheld pump with pressure relief valve increases or decreases traction force

  • Neck wedges adjust to any neck size with the turn of a knob

  • Includes removable head strap sleeve for added comfort, carrying case, and user’s guide

  • Integrated Design - No assembly required!

  • Built-in angle adjustment

  • No wire extension loop

  • 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 25 degrees


Aspen Evergreen 456 TLSO


The Evergreen™ 456 TLSO delivers effective trunk stability and targeted compression within the thoracolumbar and lumbar

region. One size adjustable, the Evergreen 456 TLSO provides a level of support that brings patients back to a functional

midrange while promoting a dynamic environment for healing from complex spinal conditions. It also comfortably fits waist sizes ranging from 28-54 inches and up to 64 inches with the extension panel, resulting in significant savings in inventory costs and space.


Phoenix Model 1800 Knee CPM


The Model 1800™ Knee CPM provides effective continuous passive motion therapy to post-operative or Injured knee. With an open carriage design and the ability to accommodate adult and pediatric (petite) patients, the Model 1800™ is versatile and

provides a proper anatomical fit. The analog dial control pendant is simple to program and allows staff and patients to change settings easily. Sturdy, mild steel

construction, lightweight design, and overall functionality make the Model 1800™ ideal for hospital and home environments.


DonJoy Armor ACL Brace


The updated Armor Knee with Fourcepoint Hinge offers a low-profile fourcepoint hinge that’s flush with the frame, so it can be easily worn under your pants and is light so it won’t weigh you down. The low-profile hinge reduces the need for the deflector while still providing protection for ACL, MCL, LCL, or Meniscus instabilities, which

prevents the hinge from “getting hooked” with other braces or knee. Designed with internal strap tabs to reduce the risk of the tabs breaking and delivers comfort and security when in motion. The Armor Knee

is available in short or standard calf sizes, so you can choose the length you need for a more customizable fit-and it won’t interfere with your boot.

DDs 500.jpg

DDS 500 Ambulatory Lumbar

Spinal-Air Traction Belt


The function of the SR 500 is scientific, precise, and, most of all, very simple. Spinal traction is being created as the brace is being inflated. The vertical air cell expansion mechanism decreases the axial loading while increasing the intervertebral disc space by anchoring up underneath the rib cage pushing upwards, and down against the pelvic girdle pushing downwards, stretching the

torso vertically, diverting the weight-bearing forces away, and reducing the pressure within the lumbar spine region,

significantly reducing pain levels. Another unique feature that makes the SR 500 the most versatile brace of its kind is the detachable anterior and posterior rigid panels specifically designed for the

patient who requires extra spinal stabilization, especially for those who are pre and post-surgery. It is the perfect solution for those patients who cannot tolerate a rigid body jacket yet require the support of one.


Strassburg Sock




When worn as prescribed, it does not allow the plantar fascia to contract while in the

prone or supine position. The device holds the ankle and forefoot joints in a position of slight dorsiflexion that prevents a position of plantarflexion; that is, the plantar fascia is not

allowed to contract. In addition, the involuntary stretching of the plantar fascia over a long period of time helps to strengthen the foot’s arch.


The device consists of a tubular knit material that fits “over the calf” with 2 attached adjustable straps to maintain the foot in a neutral to the slightly stretched position. When worn at night, the device will apply a force that results in the reduction and/or elimination of the pain felt during those first steps in the morning.




  • It is very easy to use.

  • It does not lock the ankle joint into any one position, thus allowing some movement between the various joints preventing possible joint compression pain.

  • It can be safely worn for several hours without adverse effect when applied properly.

  • It can be worn to bed, provides no significant restrictions, and will not interrupt normal sleep if worn as directed.

  • It is an effective device providing low-cost relief of heel spur symptoms.

  • It can reduce/eliminate the pain experienced with the first morning steps.

  • It can, over a period of time, strengthen the arch of the foot.

  • It can supplement and not interfere with the various traditional doctor’s treatment.