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Postpartum Support Brace


Your postpartum lifesaver! Mama Strut will help you hold it all together with our postpartum brace, developed by and for moms.

Naturally heal your body with complete care that combines compression, heat and ice therapy, and a sleek design that helps you be mobile so you keep up with life and baby.

82% Nylon 18% Spandex Mesh Bag: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex Waistband Elastic: 33% Bamboo 22% Nylon 19% Polyester 26% Spandex


Niner Premium Pregnancy  Support Brace 

The NINER™ by Body After Baby is the most advanced and personally customized pregnancy support band we’ve ever designed! Packed full of exclusive user-friendly features like removable support panels, detachable compression straps, and a heat/ice pack, the Niner is easily converted to your exact support needs, on demand! Whether needing a mild level of support, or a more structured firm level, the Niner has got you covered throughout your pregnancy, keeping you secure, comfortable, and confident!


Compression Hose

About 75 percent of moms-to-be develop mild swelling during pregnancy, also known as edema—this common symptom at some point during their pregnancies. For many, swollen feet and ankles may start around week 27 — or month 7 — of pregnancy. The bad news? Swelling probably won’t go away completely until after the baby’s arrival. And on top of that, you might also notice varicose veins, which affect up to 35 percent of pregnant women. One way to help ease both symptoms (or at least stop them from becoming worse) is to slip on a pair of maternity compression socks at the start of the day.

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